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Mitch and Amy Winehouse in the Hay Hill Gallery

Mitch Winehouse Live, The Hay Hill Gallery, 2010
by mitch winehouse

Amy and Mitch performed September In The Rain and Fly Me To The Moon at the event in honour of human rights lawyer Julian Young. We in Hay Hill Gallery do not have the footage of Amy Winehouse singing in our gallery. Hay Hill Gallery and Amy's fans ask anybody who has such footage to let us know about it.


Amy Winehouse - Fly Me To The Moon
Live in London . October 2010
by yonutc, 2011


Fly Me To The Moon - Amy Winehouse (Best Video)
by xaxlo4more, 2012


Amy Winehouse and Mitch Winehouse singing
by Jim Barry, 2020
I recorded this at Amy Winehouse's brothers engagement party nearly 10 years ago. Watch it through it is funny and moving.

Amy Winehouse - Valerie Lyrics
by franziamljb, 2012


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